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Why Jungle Source?
Customer Service Superior Customer Service

Jungle Source delivers superior customer service at all times. Our clients are at the center of every decision we make and we continually evolve to meet their needs. Each client is assigned a personal Account Service Guide to ensure customer service interactions run smoothly and efficiently. Every Jungle Source Account Service Guide is trained thoroughly to ensure account knowledge. We know your orders and process them as if they were our own.
Quick Turnaround Times Quick Turnaround Times (TAT)

We pride ourselves on our quick TATs and make every effort to get the most accurate, human resource friendly report to you as soon as possible. The industry standard for completing orders is typically 48-72 hours; however, we constantly monitor our field researchers' activity to ensure the 72-hour deadline is met and strive to complete a majority of orders within 48 hours. In fact, on average we return over 95% of your orders in less than 72 hours. You can also get up to the minute status reports via our secure web portal, or by calling your Account Service Guide.

Are you in need of quicker results for a time sensitive project? Put a rush on it at no additional charge. This service is included in our standard pricing and part of our commitment to providing you superior customer service. We just ask that you only request a rush when it's absolutely necessary.
Compliance Compliance Experts

Jungle Source takes its job seriously and works with each client to help ensure they understand their responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as well as federal and state laws.  This includes providing a complimentary set of compliance documents needed to run background checks to help ensure your compliance, as well as providing non-legal assistance. To save valuable time for our clients, we can also help implement a compliant background screening program.

Reports are processed and delivered in accordance with FCRA and state laws, providing complete information which saves you valuable time. Our clients have the confidence in our results, thus making decisions based on the information received.  Jungle Source can also manage the adverse action notice process for you. An adverse action notice is required before and after a hiring decision has been made due to the results of a background screening report.
Data Center Security Data Center Security

We understand the importance of electronic security and have gone to great lengths to ensure our platform meets or exceeds industry security standards.  All of our servers are housed in a SAS-70 Type II audited data center, which has vulnerability scans conducted on a regular basis by a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Approved Scanning Vendor. In addition, our servers are protected by multi-level firewall technology and a Host-Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS).

All data transmitted to and from our application servers is encrypted using a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate, issued and authenticated by Thawte. Our application servers are also protected by multi-level firewall technology in order to prevent hackers and viruses.
Sensitive Data Sensitive Data Security

Only trained Account Service Guides that have been thoroughly vetted, passed rigorous training, and sign confidentiality agreements have access to sensitive data.  All background screening reports are stored within our secure data center and are only accessible to authorized individuals with a secure login and password. Jungle Source also follows strict internal policies and guidelines when disposing of sensitive data.

Jungle Source protects all data in accordance with applicable laws and policies, as well as prevailing commercial best practices.
International International Screening

As business expands across the globe, the need to conduct international screening is more prevalent. Jungle Source is ready to support your background screening needs in more than 250 countries. Our most common services include criminal record searches, education verifications, professional license verifications, motor vehicle records and employment verifications. We also offer compliance and best practice guidance to alleviate the confusion as each country has unique services available. Price and accessibility vary by country.
Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

Jungle Source’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is an integral part of its culture. We demonstrate respect for work/life balance, workplace diversity, environmental sustainability, community investment, and equal opportunity for all. We actively reuse and recycle as well as purchase recycled products.  Our reports are stored electronically, indefinitely, so clients do not have to waste their resources by printing and storing the documents in a filing cabinet.  Jungle Source conscientiously takes steps to encourage business and correspondence online and by email to reduce the impact on our world’s natural resources.

Personal, professional, and global responsibility begins with each one of us.

Jungle Source teaches its employees TACIT values that align each valued team member with the tools needed to provide each client with superior customer service.  Merriam-Webster.com defines tacit: 1. Expressed or carried on without words or speech 2. Implied or indicated (as by an act or by silence) but not actually expressed.

Jungle Source TACIT values are as follows:
TRUST is a bond among individuals to enhance working relationships in order to deliver accurate high-quality services.
ACCURACY is the result that assures confidence in our products and processes.
COMPLIANCE is adhering to all governing laws and regulations.
INTEGRITY is the commitment to ethical principles with respect to all relationships and the data we provide.
TEAMWORK is the collaborative effort necessary to improve processes and achieve common goals.
For questions regarding any of Jungle Source’s policies and procedures, or if you are in need of compliance guidance, contact us at guidance@junglesource.com or call 866-298-3716.
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